Irish King

In 870 AD Ireland was divided into small areas called tuatha, each ruled by a minor king called a ri tuatha. King Yvar was the real king of Dublin 871-873 AD. The Vikings called him Yvar or Ivar Olafsson (son of Olaf) and the Irish called him Ivar mac-Aulaffe (mac means ‘son of’).

The Curach

The Irish really built boats from ox hides, and travelled in them to various other lands, including Iceland.



Within the tuatha, people lived in ringforts. Each ringfort was a tiny farming community surrounded by a wall and a deep ditch to keep out enemies. These were built even before the Vikings came because there was much fighting and raiding between different Irish groups. Fields were outside the ringfort wall.

Old Irish language


The language spoken by Dúngal in Stormriders is called Old Irish.

It is a bit different from the Irish language that is spoken in Ireland today.

Here are the translations of the angry phrases that Dúngal speaks in Old Irish:


Chapter 2  Tothaim cen éirge foirib uili! – May you all fall and not rise!

Chapter 4   No-m léic m'óenur – Leave me alone

Chapter 6   A díbergaig brénanalaig – You foul-breathed marauder


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