In the world of Viking Magic


a girl can heal sword cuts with nettle stings

a boy can weave a wolfspell or make the lightning strike

an arrow of fire can end a dispute


But can two children stop the Sheriff from

turning their families out of their homes?


Oddo the farmer's son and Thora the spellworker’s daughter are determined to stop the Sheriff. They set off to the Gula Thing to ask for help, never suspecting what dangers they’re about to face. They will have to fight their way through raging rivers, wild wolves and treacherous swamps before they can return. And even then, it looks as though they may arrive too late…


Courage, friendship and a dash of magic are the keys to this spellbinding adventure, the second in the acclaimed Viking Magic series. Like the first book, Runestone, it is ideal for readers who enjoy a strong story and a richly imagined world.


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