Hnefatafl Board Game

There are two players. Player 1 has the king and 6 soldiers. The king starts the game at the centre with the soldiers around him, as marked on the game board. Player 2, the usurper, has 12 pieces and starts the game where the circles are on the board.

Players move their pieces on the board as far as they wish vertically or horizontally until they are blocked by the other player’s pieces. Only the king can go in his own place at the centre.

For the King to win the game he has to cross the board without being captured. For the Usurper to win he has to capture the King.

Soldiers or usurpers are captured when they are between two opponent’s pieces. The King is captured when he has 1 opponent on each of him (4 sides). Or he is next to his home (centre) and has 1 opponent on each of the other 3 sides.

A piece can move between two opponent’s pieces without being captured. The capture must be done by the one who attacks.

Print this page and play. The Usurpers move first.


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