Here are some comments from other readers:

I'm usually a slow reader, but I finished your books in two days!! they are that brilliant, I just couldn't put them down! I cant wait for the third book (if there's going to be one) !!! (Isabelle, 13)

dear anna ciddor your book was absolutely fabulous. i’ve already read it twice and reading it again. as i,ve read j.k.rowlings harry potter books again and again i thought i might try another book. your book’s the best. (Karen, age?)

Runestone and Wolfspell are both so good even my dad is reading them (Edward, 11)

I was in bed and it was time to get up for school but i couldn't beacause i was up to a REALLY good bit (Katie, age?)

I am writing to say how much i love your book rune stone, i read it in two days! when will the sequels come out? i am just dying to read them. (Bess, 12)

Some books you have a hard time sinking into, but with your book I was into it right away. Please keep writing, and write quick!! 'Cause I can't wait that long!!!! (Ellen, 12)

I stayed awake in bed and read the whole thing. I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sam, age?)

Oddo's my favourite character because he's so adventurous. (Robert, 10)

I think it's a great book! Usually I don't much like fantasy, but I really enjoyed your book, perhaps because it had some history in it, and I really like history. I didn't know any of those things about the Vikings and I found them very interesting. (Hilary, 13)

I think it was the best book I have ever read. I couldn't stop reading it so I read it in one night!!! (Becky, 10)

I liked the book because it kept me interested until the end. (Josh, age?)

It's very good descriptive writing: it makes a picture in your mind. (Miranda, 8)

My favourite bit is when they go to the market. (Thomas, 9)

I just thought I'd let you know I really liked your book Runestone. My favourite character was Thora. I'm doing an assignment on Vikings so I thought your book and website was very helpful. (Kirsty, 14)

I just finished your book in record time of two days and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Can't wait till your next book. (Danica, 12)

It's a good story and well worth reading. (Alex, 13)

I can't wait for your next book. (Anna, 10)

I find it really inspiring how Oddo finds self confidence (Elodie, 10)

We thought it was really smart how you combined fiction and fact into one book. Runestone is even better than Deltora Quest!!! (Thomas and Peter, age?)

I found reading Runestone a delight, set as it is against the bare but yet accommodating landscape of Norway in approximately 870 AD. It shows life to be simple yet rich in sensory experiences….it is fundamentally about contrasts – nature versus nurture / pragmatism versus superstition / youth versus age…Oddo’s first experience of shape changing had me experiencing the sensations with him…Runestone is a novel that not only allows us to see an aspect of Viking civilization but also whets our appetite for more – more about Thora, Oddo and Granny Hulda – more about changelings and runestone magic – more by Anna Ciddor. (Bronwen Bennett, Victorian President of the Children's Book Council of Australia)

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