The Runestone cover

The boy and girl who posed for Oddo and Thora live in Melbourne, Australia. They are not professional models. They are just ordinary schoolchildren who were given an afternoon off school to dress up and pose for the photo shoot.

Enjoying the photo shoot?! (Author in background)

Cover designer, Jo Hunt, took the photos.

While she was writing, Anna Ciddor formed a picture in her mind of the characters in the story. When the publisher decided to use a photo on the front cover, Anna had to hunt for a boy and a girl who looked the same as the pictures in her imagination – and were the right age.


This is how Oddo is described in Runestone: ‘a thin boy with a pointy face’, his ‘hair gleamed like the bronze buckle on his belt,’ and he had ‘a big, toothy grin’.

This is how Thora is described: ‘honey-coloured hair … plaited and twirled round her head. Her face … rosy and chubby’


This photo was chosen for the cover of Runestone.

The cover designer changed the background with computer graphics...

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