Runestone Quiz


1. How many different types of magic happen in Runestone?





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2. How many Viking words are used on page 112 of Runestone?





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3. In Viking Magic, what is the official costume for witches?

A magic red cloak

A black dress, a pointy hat and a broom

A feather cloak

A blue hooded cloak with white cat fur trim, a runestone pouch and a wand


4. What is the name of Thora’s youngest brother?






5. What is a midwife?

A middle-aged wife

A woman who helps deliver babies

The middle wife of a man who has been married three times

A witch


6. When you’re saying a spell you have to

make sure you get the words right

close your eyes

wave your wand

make sure it rhymes

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7. Why do Oddo and Thora sprinkle berry leaves around the boat?

To hide it

To make a protective charm

To keep the Little Folk happy

Because they’re trying to grow berry bushes


8. Thora doesn’t know runes because

she’s no good at magic

she isn’t old enough to learn

girls aren’t allowed to learn runes

she’s blind


9. The most important part of shape-changing is

the magic circle

keeping very still

choosing the right animal

changing back before the fire goes out

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10. What did Thora want to buy at the market?

Glass beads

A brooch



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